Having claimed my home space as my own, I am experiencing a different sense of nourishment; and, this has dramatically impacted my ability to properly represent myself in various aspects of my life.
— Jennifer R., Brooklyn, NY
Noelle is my secret weapon - I love to take credit for her ideas! I recently moved into a new home, and while I was so very excited by the opportunity, I was also very intimidated. The process pretty quickly became much more stressful than pleasurable.

I turned to Noelle and she helped me narrow down my choices, and picked up on what I was feeling as well as seeing. At the risk of sounding corny, she helped me marry some of my ideas (in a very simple way) with what was going on with me, and I absolutely adored working with her. I love, love, love my colors - I only wish I had more rooms to paint!
— Kathy C., Rockland County
JD_living room.jpg
Noelle, Before working with you, I had little understanding of the influence of color on my home, nor did I understand the nuances within the range of color. I had a limited sense of the possibilities that color held for me, as color was an untapped resource in my life.

Taking my knowledge of color to the next level through my work with you allowed me to understand and experience the influence of color on my moods and emotions. Now that the condo is painted, I can clearly see how having the right colors on the wall (and buying from the right line of paints too) opens opportunities to new experiences within my home and my life. For example, since painting the foyer a bright and buoyant color coming home has an entirely different effect on my evenings. I walk through the door and I immediately feel a perky sense of excitement. The darker shade of green in my living room really grounds me and allows me to relax (a much different feeling than the bright yellow we used to have on our wall.) increasing my sense of safety and comfort. The changes in the bedroom have led me to experience a deeper sense of restoration in my sleep as well as an increased sense of creativity in the mornings. These changes have provided me an unexpected increase of momentum in my life outside of my home. Having claimed my home space as my own, I am experiencing a different sense of nourishment; and, this has dramatically impacted my ability to properly represent myself in various aspects of my life. Beyond the huge time saving component of having you on my team (seriously it would have taken me months to get those color right on my own) working with you has expedited movement in other areas of my life that I just could not have expected. Thank you so much!
— Jenn R., Brooklyn
This is the least painful choosing colors has ever been.
— Alicia T., Los Angeles
The realization for me was, it wasn’t about my apartment—it was about my life. I’m entering a new phase of my life. This apartment is going to be a part of that. So I need to make it all that it could be. I’m more connected with my apartment now. Now it’s not just a shell with my things in it, it’s a place I enjoy.

Through this process with Noelle, I realized, you can make your apartment a real apartment. You can transform your apartment so easily. You don’t have to accept your apartment the way it is. Your apartment is probably dying for it! The stock white paint that’s on the wall when you move in—it’s primer.
— David G., Brooklyn
I was hoping that the right color would help me feel more at home, and help the bedroom have a restful quality while also giving the room a touch of character. By the time Noelle came for our meeting, I had already painted three sample colors that were all wrong, I was a little discouraged because two other designers recommended the neutral sand tones because of everything else going on in the space (great views, a fun turquoise rug and custom curtains). Noelle assessed with openness, creativity, and excitement for seeing my hopes come true! She assessed my life phase, the feeling I wanted to have in the space, and made recommendations on hues while allowing me to also guide the process. We narrowed between Pink tones, Blues and Greens After she noticed my face light up mentioning Green...She found the PERFECT COLOR! I’m resting better than ever, I feel like the richness of the color completely frames my view of the empire state building, and I’m getting more done at my desk than ever! It’s so inspiring to be in a space that feels nurturing and calming.
— Rachel M., Manhattan
Noelle helped me feel and choose the colors I wanted instinctively for my own healing. She is a treasure.
— Holly H., Manhattan
I was lucky enough to discover Noelle’s talent for color when I purchased my first home, a 1980s-era cabin-like house on a peaceful lake. Despite the beautiful outside, the inside was sorely in need of updating! I wanted my new home to be calm, soothing, and natural after several years living in a big city and serving in the military. From the very beginning, Noelle instantly grasped where I wanted to go and ran with it. She took my suggestions and improved upon them. She intuitively knew how even a small shade tweak would make all the difference. Every color choice she suggested was thoughtful, descriptive, and spot-on. I was absolutely thrilled with the results, and love living in my new space. I would highly recommend her work. She is creative, dependable, and very talented!
— Kelly H., Richmond VA